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Pharmaceutical residues are referring to the active substances that are used as ingredients in medicines. It is these ingredients that help us recover from illness, but at the same time they can have a negative effect on nature.

The concept works for all medicines and active substances:

Example: Searching for Diclofenac or Voltaren will both result that you reach the active substance page. In this specific case we will therefore reach Diclofenac. You can also chose to search for other medicines, such as Eeze, or one of the product ingredients, such as Diclofenac Sodium, which will then also lead to Diclofenac. Lets try others!

- Alvedon or Panodil for Paracetamol
- Dienorette or Yasminelle for Ethinylestradiol

What is this?

pCure Labs is a web-app that are combining various information about pharmaceutical residues and medicines.  As you search the Labs you can get insight in which pharmaceutical residues that are identified as a high concern for the environment, but also in which medicines these substances can be found.

Many of our more common medicines such as antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatory, birth control pills, anti-depressants are hazardous to nature.