pCure Labs

The idea behind pCure Labs

The web-app was essentially designed to give our users simple tools to learn more about pharmaceutical residues, medicines and what possible impact that they may have on the environment and ecosystems. pCure Labs is therefore both an educational tool for our users , but at the same time a very useful tool for finding information about pCure. Learning more about medicines, their residues, its impact on the environment is one of our core areas for product development and we want to share it with everyone.

Enjoy the tool and feel free to share some feedback!

Environmental Concern

Each substance have different statuses dependent on its environmental impact which tells us how concerned we should be for it being released into nature. Based on some public available information we have converted this to three categories.

High: There is documented evidence that the substance has serious negative impact on the environment and ecosystems. pCure is keeping a close eye on this substance with the vision to develop the products towards it. The goal is to develop the product to be verified towards as many of substances with this status as possible.

Moderate: There is documented evidence that the substance has some negative impact on the environment. pCure is keeping an eye on this substance and may include it in future product upgrades.

Low: There is either documented evidence that the substance has low negative impact on the environment, or that evidence is lacking so no conclusions can be made. The substance are consider not of certain concern for product development. pCure can still verify its product towards substances with this category, but its core focus will be on substances with more serious environmental impact.

Performance evaluation

Products performances are continuously evaluated before made available to the public. As the products develops it will also become more and more efficient, which also increases the tractability of result data.

Verification process: Substances that are given a verified status have undergone a certain verification process, which has been developed according to the product definition. Different analysis is performed on the physical behavior of the products (release mechanisms, stability etc.), the specific enzymes or enzyme blends included in the products, and the effects towards substances in real environment conditions.

ISO 14034: pCure have developed its verification process to adhere to the requirements in the international standard ISO 14034:2016 - Environmental technology verification (ETV). Before publishing certain performance data, this data is verified through this process. Sometimes third-party analysis are performed in which pCure only uses third-parties that are certified to the ISO 17025 standard. These which have documented methods and experiences in analyzing performance in waster and wastewater environments.


When evaluating substances we aim to only use information from publicly available, and credible, national or international sources. Besides public databases we gather national and international lists from government organizations about country specific prioritization of substances which is also used as basis for evaluation.

Here are some fantastic databases we use to learn more about pharmaceutical residues: DrugBank, PubChem, ECHA, EMA, EU watch-list, Umweltbundesamt, Naturvårdsverket, Läkemedelsverket, FASS, Janusinfo

Web-app development

pCure Labs provides both accurate and independent information on many different active pharmaceutical ingredients and related products. We highlight that inaccuracies most likely will occur and will be, when identified, targeted for improvements.
Information and material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medial advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Have fun searching for insights!