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Amaryl®, Avaglim®, Glimepirid 2care4, Glimepirid Actavis, Glimepirid Alternova, Glimepirid Bluefish, Glimepirid Copyfarm, Glimepirid Krka, Glimepirid Mylan, Glimepirid Orion, Glimepirid STADA, Glimepirid Sandoz



Glimepiride is the first III generation sulphonyl urea it is a very potent sulphonyl urea with long duration of action.

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Glimepiride has not been detected (detection limit 10 ng/L) in analysis of untreated or treated wastewater from a large number of wastewater treatment plants in Sweden and abroad. However, concentrations of up to 39 ng/L in purified Swedish wastewater are reported in IVL's national screening from 2010. Effectstudies of glimepiride are insufficient.

Comparison with glibenclamide and repaglinide
Glibenklamid is included in the Stockholm County Council's table of pharmaceuticals with risk for negative environmental impact according to the environmental program 2017-2021 based, inter alia, on finding of the substance in wild fish at concentrations close to therapeutic concentrations in humans. The risk of glimepiride being accumulated in fish to close therapeutic concentration is approximately equal, and the substances act according to the same mechanism. The environmental risk for repaglinide is estimated to be lower.

The risk classification insignificant, according to Fass.se, is based on total sold amount (kg) of the substance in Sweden during the year 2015 and the toxicity of the substance.


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