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Antifungal Agents

Antifungal Agents, 14-alpha Demethylase Inhibitors


Abba, Adenosan, Apo-Ketoconazole, Aquarius, Botaderm, Daktarin, Dandrazol, Dermatin, Eberset, Folicalm, Fundan®, Fungarest, Fungoral®, Ilgem, Keto-Cure, Keto-Tis, Ketoconazole Abamed, Ketoconazole Actavis, Ketokonazole Alternova, Ketoconazole Apotex, Ketoconazole Aristo, Ketoconazole Arrow, Ketoconazole Aurobindo, Ketoconazole Aurovitas, Ketoconazole Biogaran, Ketoconazole Cinfa, Ketoconazole Cristers, Ketokonazole Copyfarm, Ketoconazole DR. MAX, Ketokonazole Euromedicines, Ketokonazole Hasco, Ketoconazole HRA, Ketoconazole J-C, Ketokonazole Korhispana, Ketoconazole MK, Ketoconazole Mylan, Ketokonazole Pharmagenus, Ketokonazole Ratiopharm, Ketokonazole Teva, Ketokonazole VIR, Ketoconazole Zentiva, Keto-Cure, Ketoisdin, Ketonova, Ketopin, Ketoson, Ketopine, Ketozol, Kezol, Kontact, Medic Blue, Mikanisal, Neo-Egmol, Nizax, Nizoral, Noell, Nyoxep, Orifungal M, Oronazol, Panfungol, Sinazol, Spendor, Tedol, Triatop, Xolegel, Zoxin-med



Broad spectrum antifungal agent used for long periods at high doses, especially in immunosuppressed patients. [PubChem]

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Large margin between concentrations in the environment and the concentration that affects the environment. The primary source is shampoo for dandruff.

Ketoconazole has not been detected in treated wastewater and raw water in Stockholm County in the last five years (2012-2016).

Is recommended in The Wise List. Environmental classification of pharmaceuticals is taken into consideration, sometimes with other environmental aspects, when selecting pharmaceuticals for the Wise List. When comparable pharmaceuticals are equivalent to medical effects, safety and pharmaceutical efficacy, environmental impact and price are considered.

Information from assessment report for Ketoconazole HRA, 25 September 2014, EMA/CHMP/534845/2014: Ketokonazole is a potential endocrine disruptor.

The risk classification low, according to Fass.se, is based on total sold amount (kg) of the substance in Sweden during the year 2013 and the toxicity of the substance.


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