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Antifungal Agents

Antifungal Agents, 14-alpha Demethylase Inhibitors


Abba, Adenosan, Apo-Ketoconazole, Aquarius, Botaderm, Daktarin, Dandrazol, Dermatin, Eberset, Folicalm, Fundan®, Fungarest, Fungoral®, Ilgem, Ket Med, Keto-Cure, Keto-Tis, Ketoconazole Abamed, Ketoconazole Actavis, Ketoconazole Apotex, Ketoconazole Aristo, Ketoconazole Arrow, Ketoconazole Aurobindo, Ketoconazole Aurovitas, Ketoconazole Biogaran, Ketoconazole Cinfa, Ketoconazole Cristers, Ketoconazole DR. MAX, Ketoconazole HRA, Ketoconazole J-C, Ketoconazole MK, Ketoconazole Mylan, Ketoconazole Zentiva, Ketoisdin, Ketokonazole Alternova, Ketokonazole Copyfarm, Ketokonazole Euromedicines, Ketokonazole Hasco, Ketokonazole Korhispana, Ketokonazole Pharmagenus, Ketokonazole Ratiopharm, Ketokonazole Teva, Ketokonazole VIR, Ketonova, Ketopin, Ketopine, Ketoson, Ketozol, Ketozolin, Kezol, Kontact, Medic Blue, Mikanisal, Neo-Egmol, Nizax, Nizoral, Noell, Nyoxep, Orifungal M, Oronazol, Panfungol, Sinazol, Spendor, Tedol, Terzolin, Triatop, Xolegel, Zoxin-med



Broad spectrum antifungal agent used for long periods at high doses, especially in immunosuppressed patients. [PubChem]

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