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Contraceptives, Oral, Synthetic

Contraceptives, Oral, Synthetic, Contraceptive Agents, Female, Contraceptive Agents


Abelonelle 28, Almina 28, Anastrella, Anastrella 28, Cyclabil®, Erlibelle, Evra, Follimin®, Follimin® 28, Follinett®, Follistrel®, Frivelle, Jadelle, Jadelle®, Jaydess, Kyleena, Leverette, Levesia, Levodonna, Levonorgestrel ABECE, Levonorgestrel Apofri, Levonorgestrel STADA, Levonorgestrel/Etinylestradiol Ebb, Levosert, Loette 28, Luadei, Mirena, Neovletta®, Neovletta® 28, NorLevo, Norplant®, Novogyn, Postinor, Postinor®, Prionelle, Prionelle 28, Rigevidon, Rigevidon 28, Rigevidoncont, Seasonique, Trinordiol, Trinordiol®, Trinordiol® 28, Trionetta, Trionetta®, Trionetta® 28, Triregol



A synthetic progestational hormone with actions similar to those of progesterone and about twice as potent as its racemic or (+-)-isomer (norgestrel). It is used for contraception, control of menstrual disorders, and treatment of endometriosis. It is usually supplied in a racemic mixture (Norgestrel, 6533-00-2). Only the levonorgestrel isomer is active. Levonorgestrel is marketed mostly as a combination oral contraceptive under several brand names such as Alesse, Triphasil, and Min-Ovral.

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