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Antineoplastic Agents, Hormonal

Antineoplastic Agents, Hormonal, Appetite Stimulants


Megace, Megace®, Megace Es, Megestil, Megestol, Megestrol, Megestrol Acetate, Megestrol acetate


megestrol, megestrol acetate

17-Hydroxy-6-methylpregna-3,6-diene-3,20-dione. A progestational hormone used most commonly as the acetate ester. As the acetate, it is more potent than progesterone both as a progestagen and as an ovulation inhibitor. It has also been used in the palliative treatment of breast cancer. [PubChem]

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The data on hazard and risk, except for B, are based on previous environmental information on Fass.se. Environmental information is missing on fass.se (2018-11-06). It is voluntary for manufacturers to provide information about environmental impact on fass.se. Underlying data for B comes from the article Fick J et al. 2010.

Pharmaceutical analyses of water in Stockholm County
Megestrol has been among the pharmaceuticals analyzed in Stockholm County during the last five-year period (2012-2016), but has not been detected.

Article Fick J et al. 2010
Critical effect concentration (CEC) for megestrol is 250 ng/L. Log P is set to 3.4.


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