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Anti-Bacterial Agents

Anti-Bacterial Agents


Meronem, Meronem®, Meropenem FarmaPlus, Meropenem Fresenius Kabi, Meropenem Hexal, Meropenem Mylan, Meropenem Pfizer, Meropenem STADA, Meropenem Sandoz, Meropenem-Rotexmedica, Meropen, Meropenem, Merotec, Merrem, Merrem I.V., Merrem IV, Monan, Ropenem, Zeropenem


meropenem, meropenem trihydrate

Meropenem is a broad-spectrum carbapenem antibiotic. It is active against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Meropenem exerts its action by penetrating bacterial cells readily and interfering with the synthesis of vital cell wall components, which leads to cell death.

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This substance is an antibiotic (also called, anti-bacterial agent). All antibiotics are suspected to cause antibiotic resistance and we should therefore try to limit releasing it to Nature via our wastewater streams.

Some key facts from WHO

  • Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health. food security, and development today
  • Antibiotic resistance can affect anyone, of any age, in any country.
  • Antibiotic resistance occurs naturally, but misuse of antibiotics in humans and animals is accelerating the process.
  • A growing number of infections – such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhoea, and salmonellosis – are becoming harder to treat as the antibiotics used to treat them become less effective.
  • Antibiotic resistance leads to longer hospital stays, higher medical costs and increased mortality.
Detailed information about this substance is missing and will added when a credible source of information has been identified.